Class 151 IIS

Hi everyone! Good to have you here! Let's get started!

Task number one


Imagine a friend is coming to Brasília to visit you. What advice do you want to give? And suggestions do you want to make? Remember to use the infinitives for reasons, adjectives + infinitives, should, could, why don't you, etc.


Hello tourists from Brasília ^^

This post is just some tips on interesting places and things you should do in Brasilia.

In one day with sun and not much hot the better option is the Park of City.[Photo]

In the Park you can do: cycling, skating, walking and should not lets go of the Nicolândia.


Another great place is the Chapada dos Viadeiros. It is a bit far from the capital, but it is very beautiful.


In the Chapada you should take:

A tent. For camping in the place;Don't forget the sunscreen;Maybe you should take a map to avoid getting lost;You should probaly take an insect repellent; You shouldn't take a hair dryer;And the more important: a first-aid kit. [Photo]

Well, I'll stop here, because my colleagues will probably go give nice tips as well.

So kisses and until the next post xD